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Knot Magic Muscle Therapy Co., Inc.
8888 Ladue Road, Suite 260
St. Louis, MO 63124
We are located at:
8888 Ladue Road, Suite 260
St. Louis, MO 63124 (Directions)

Call us for questions. Online appointments only!
Our phone number is: (314) 721-7683
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We book appointments online only because of the ease of use of our online scheduling system. Plus, you can log in and review your appointments anytime!
"After 3 surgeries in about 4 years, I was still trying to find relief from pains and muscle spasms-mostly in my neck, back and shoulder-with physical therapy, acupuncture, and other various treatments. Someone recommended that I visit Paige at Knot Magic. I will never forget how good I felt after my first appointment - it's hard to explain, but I felt like my entire body was re-aligned, relaxed and spasm-free. It was such a great feeling that I had not experienced in a long time. Since then, I have gone to Paige once every month, and I continue to benefit from her massage treatments. It really is "magic" for me! "

— Sally Deichmann  (08/05/2008)

"I am a 38-year-old mother of triplets who are six-years old. In addition, I work part time and am a competitive triathlete who annually competes at the national and world championships for the half ironman distance. Without Paige's assistance, I would not be able to physically keep up such a demanding schedule. I have a weekly appointment with her that I absolutely refuse to miss unless one of my children is sick! Her knowledge and expertise has been the key reason why I was able to recover so quickly from being on bed rest for 8 months during my pregnancy! In addition, I credit her efforts as the reason why I have remained injury free during the last 6 years I have competed in triathlon! Thanks Paige for helping me to continue to pursue all of my dreams!"

— Jennifer Cunnane  (07/07/2008)