You Might Not Have Scoliosis! Let Knot Magic Help.

You Might Not Have Scoliosis! Let Knot Magic Help.

Scoliosis is an unnatural curvature of the spine, caused by a genetic condition.  You can only have scoliosis if at least one of your parents has scoliosis.


In all my years of doing massage, I would say that 80% of my clients come in with some kind of curve in their spine (Yes, that is a large number), but only 16 have had scoliosis. The other curves were caused by a childhood trauma that went untreated.


I.B.A.R. is designed to remove any curve found in the spine.


What is I.B.A.R. ?

I.B.A.R. (In Balance At Rest) Method.  The body inherently wants to be in state of balance.  As muscle therapists, our job is identify which muscles are preventing it from doing so and help facilitate the body’s desire to return to this natural state regardless of what caused the imbalance, be it a trauma,  repeated adjustments, overuse, an accident, work place or environmental influence. Knot Magic’s I.B.A.R. Method was developed as a result of over 20 years of experience and over a thousand hours of training.


I can remember two quick examples of clients with a curve that was caused by trauma.


My first example was a 57-year-old man with a double curve.  I was in the second phase of the I.B.A.R. treatment when I discovered what I call the “epicenter” of the curve.  When I touched it, the client commented that he could recall an injury at the exact same spot his freshman year.  The wrestling coach thought it would fun to pair the heavyweight wrestler with the featherweight wrestler.  Guess which one was the featherweight wrestler? Needless to say, my client was bent in half in that exact spot some 35 years earlier.


Orenburg, Russia - 07.04.2015: Youth tournament Orenburg oblast in Greco-Roman wrestling, dedicated to the memory of Russian school teacher, Honoured master of sports of the E.N. Franceva


My second example is of a young man who had a bar bell crash down on his neck while trying to lift too much weight. His mother brought him in for me to work on him.  When he took off his shirt, it was very apparent that he had a curve. I quickly asked his mother who in the family had scoliosis.  The father was a physician and knew the genetic component of scoliosis.  Neither parent had a curve which had them both perplexed.  Knowing this, I asked if it was okay for me to address that as well as his neck.  She agreed, and within ten minutes, his spine was no longer curved.   The family took the young man back to the pediatrician for follow up X-rays.  The curve that measured well over 22 degrees was reduced to less than 2 degrees in one session.   The father was so impressed with the work that he called that day to schedule his own session.




If you feel that your spine is curved, there’s a pretty solid chance that it’s fixable, and not genetic.



Visit Knot Magic or another licensed massage therapist and ask about an I.B.A.R treatment.