Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis?  There is Relief!

Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis? There is Relief!

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition which affects the bottom of the foot, causing a ripping or tearing sensation with each and every step.  It tends to be worse in the morning and late at night.  Doctors have no idea what causes it, and offer few options to treat this condition.

What many doctors do not explain is that when the plantaris muscle, a small almond shaped muscle behind the knee, becomes too tight, the tendon which runs the full length of the lower leg shortens, putting a strain on the smallest attachment site. This is always the attachment site farthest from the heart.



This strain will start to degrade the attachment site, and the body will naturally lay down additional calcium to protect the tendon. Thus, a bone spur is created.  If left unattended, this tension will continue to the extent that it can cause plantar fasciitis.




It is our belief that plantar fasciitis is caused by a lockdown of the tibia and fibula which is very treatable.


We simply loosen up all the muscles in the lower leg, dropping both bones and traction in the ankle! Depending on how long this condition has been present will determine how many treatments it will take for relief. It may be treated in as few as three sessions or as many as seven. Let’s see what your body needs as you don’t have to be in pain any longer.


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