Hurt your back? Here’s 2 ways to ease the pain until you can get into Knot Magic.

Hurt your back? Here’s 2 ways to ease the pain until you can get into Knot Magic.

If you have the most common type of back pain – pain that runs horizontally where your belt sits – it might seem like it came out of the blue. Maybe you bent over to do something routine, like tie your shoes, and suddenly your back erupted in pain.


Actually, your pain started a long time before you felt it.


It could have started with a long car ride three days ago, or too much time
in front of the television watching the Olympics.


a woman with back pain from sitting so long in the office. health and welfare at work.

Maybe you’ve just been riding that desk at work too long. Whatever the reason, you’ve been doing too much bending and not enough straightening – always a recipe for disaster.


Constant bending tightens your psoas muscles, the two large muscles that run along the front of the spine in your lumbar region. If you never take the time to stretch them, they just keep contracting and contracting, until they “stick”.  They no longer lengthen like they should.



psoas muscles


Your lower back muscle gets fatigued trying to straighten them out to where they should be, and eventually gives up the fight, leading to a world of knotted-up pain for you.


You can temporarily ease some of the strain on your lower back by stretching your quadricep and gluteus muscles.




One simple way to stretch your quads is to pull your heel up to your butt and – gently! – try to straighten the leg. Do this for seven seconds, and when you release the tension, pull your foot up closer to your glute. Repeat this three times, ending with a stretch. Do this with both legs.


Another way is to stretch your glutes.  You’ll need to sit down. Cross one of your legs over the other, hook your hands under the knee and ankle, and pull up like you’re curling a weight. Meanwhile, use your glutes to push your leg down on the hands pulling up. Hold for seven seconds, then release the tension and pull your leg tighter to your body. Repeat three times, ending with a stretch, and then start over with the other leg.


Then book an appointment with Knot Magic, who can work on your psoas muscles to fix the problem for good!