We differ from most other massage places because of our staff and the wide variety of modalities we offer. We have assembled some of the top talent in town specializing in therapeutic and deep tissue.

What Differentiates Knot Magic
We have the only massage therapists in the Midwest trained in I.B.A.R. This massage technique designed to use structural analysis to assess skeletal deviation and applies corrections to help the body to return to a more balanced alignment.

Pain Relief
Massage therapy helps to alleviate pain by increasing blood supply to the area. It is designed to give people of all activity levels preparing for strenuous activities as well as recover from over-exertion.

Massage is often the last place people look towards for pain relief. Most people will take prescription medications, or seek out physicians.

Our therapists are highly skilled to manage most types of problems from sports injuries to back pain. You will leave with an understanding of our name - it really is magic!
-- Paige Wilkinson

We are located at:
8888 Ladue Road, Suite 260
St. Louis, MO 63124 (Directions)

Call us for questions. Online appointments only!
Our phone number is: (314) 721-7683
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We book appointments online only because of the ease of use of our online scheduling system. Plus, you can log in and review your appointments anytime!

"Paige realized that the problem was not my thumbs but rather my wrists, she fixed my wrists and my thumbs were happy again. Thanks Paige"


"Knot Magic is the absolute best! I have been in chronic pain for over a year and a half. I had spinal fusion in December and it helped only a little bit. After a great friend referred me to Knot Magic I was willing to try anything to relieve the pain. I have seen Katelin only 3 times & have had steroid shots 1 time during the same time i was being treated by Katelin and I am a different person! While I still have some pain during the day while sitting at a dest it is nothing like it was. It gets better after every time I see her! Katelin & Paige are simply the best & have given me my life back! Thank you to both!"